Our Story

Loose Cannon Industries is a family owned and operated business in Austin Texas run by Inez Escamilla and Nic Joslyn.  With 28 years of combined experience, Inez and Nic have worked on numerous projects of all scopes and sizes.  

We focus on custom residential fabrication and light commercial construction.  All of our projects are unique and designed to meet the clients needs.  We works with most ferrous and non-ferrous materials, at times incorporating lighting, wood, upholstery, marble and other elements.  ‚Äč  


 AUSTIN TX                                                                                   

We're looking forward to helping you build your dream project.

-Inez & Nic


Nic Joslyn

Nic went to school for welding at Tulsa Welding in Jacksonville Florida in 2011.  Nic's career in welding took his across the nation working as a pipe welder.

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Inez Escamilla

Inez received her associates in welding from Austin Community College in 2007.  During her last semester she began her own onsite welding and repair business.